Broetry: Bad Blue Tattoos

Angry eyes tell no lies just bitter truths that cut like knives. Even black and blue on girls and guys angry eyes cannot cry. They only weep deep inside. Like old Borstal boys with hearts of stone their bad blue tattoos run on skin and crawl through deep in sinew and sin, misspelled words that […]

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Broetry: Blue Steak Red 🥩

Stixxx&Stones do break some bones but with my words your hearts and minds I’ll buy and own, They’ll fly like litter, leaves and lead, Worm, score, bore and core blue steak red raw holes of gore right through your head, Leave ya out of breath and nearly dead contemplating life and death, It’s not true […]

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Broetry: Wrestle & Rob

My name is Cassidy Kirk, And I am on an all partisan mission from both the Devil and God, To wrestle and rob, Words and stories back from the dangerously ideological “progressive” Woke mob, I am the finger in these and the following bullies chest; The cultural establishment, The celebrity elite, The bourgeoisie intelligentsia, And […]

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